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Seeking Asgard © Holmlands - Captured by Matt Grayson (170).JPG


I'm an adventurer, filmmaker and photographer, originally from Cumbria in Northern England. 

After graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2005 with a degree in Media, Culture & Society, I became a qualified ski instructor; going on to teach in resorts in Austria, Canada, Dubai, Italy and New Zealand. 

In 2008 I traded in my skis to work for a top 20 UK independent PR agency in London, where I was based for 8.5 years before founding my own media and events business Holmlands in 2016. 

Holmlands combines my passion for adventure, with my experience working in the media - helping to raise the profile of brands and athletes through providing effective media solutions including public relations, video production, photography, social media management and media training services.

The first thing I ever did with Holmlands was host a ski film screening in London - and having since held more than 40 ski film premieres in the UK, Europe and North America for major international production companies - there was a natural progression for Holmlands to start producing our own narrative content in the outdoor adventure space; which I direct, film, edit and produce - working both independently and in collaboration with others. 

My personal journey in photography started by picking up my parents point and shoot camera on family holidays when I was small, and as a teenager, I would spend my lunch breaks developing my own photographs in the dark room at school. 

Through my media work, I have directed numerous shoots for a wide variety of client projects over the years and began to re-discover my passion for being behind the lens in the new digital age. 

I feel most at home in cold, harsh mountain environments; and together with my skis, my camera has been a vehicle for me to express my creativity, explore the world and meet some wonderful people along the way. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and view my work and if you'd like to work together, please get in touch and it would be great to connect. 

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